Gregor Broessner

Prof G. Brössner

Clinical Doctor & Migraine Expert

Prof. G. Broessner is a physician specializing in Neurology, headache disorders, and board-certified pain management expert. He leads the Headache Outpatient Clinic at the Medical University Innsbruck’s Department of Neurology in Austria. He previously served as President of the Austrian Headache Society and currently serves as a Board Member of the European Headache Federation (EHF). 
Prof. Broessner’s research interests include primary headaches, intensive care medicine, and stroke. He has examined the pathophysiological mechanisms of migraine, the acute and prophylactic effects of drugs/devices in migraine treatment, as well as the relevant clinical biomarkers in primary headache disorders. To date, he has authored over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including numerous invited reviews and book chapters.
Prof. Broessner has led over 40 trials on the acute treatment or prophylaxis of headache disorders, with a focus on migraine and outcome evaluation/improvement in cerebrovascular disease. At Brightmind.AI, he will drive clinical strategy and support regulatory approval processes and go-to-market launch.

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