Our Roadmap


Building our MVP devices and demonstrating the superior efficacy for migraine prevention with our own research studies.


Large scale clinical trial for our migraine therapy device in the US and kicking off the protocol for depression and dementia.


We plan to obtain FDA clearance for our migraine prevention device and go-to-market in the US. Simultaneously, we will be conducting our clinical trial for depression and dementia as well as raise Series A.


Full market roll-out of clinically proven migraine devices in the US and regulatory approval for migraine in Europe and for our second application in the US. Thus, clinically effective non-invasive brain stimulation will be brought to everyday life.

Change is driven by the right team

Our purpose-driven interdisciplinary team brings extensive experience in developing transcranial magnetic stimulation systems from the ground up, mobilizing TMS and bringing it to market, MedTech engineering, regulatory affairs, business development, high performance coil designs, real-time EEG processing and state-of-the-art deep learning technologies. 

Our Advisors

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